GTFO Wrist Strap. . .

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GTFO Wrist Strap…bam💥 #BeFirstBeFastBeDangerous

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GTFO Wrist Strap…

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GTFO Wrist Strap. . .ooosh! #BeFirstBeFastBeDangerous ツ

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Fast Track Counter Custody Course…

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5 reasons why you should complete the FT-C3:

  1. You’ll be taken through the complete Progressive Restraint Escape System developed by Karl from OscarDelta FC. The same training delivered to select military and law enforcement units worldwide.
  2. You’ll learn how to deal with all improvised restraints without tools.
  3. You’ll will learn how to manufacture your own tools that exceed the capabilities of manufactured tools.
  4. You’ll learn how to improvise and adapt tools for escaping all restraints and bypassing common locks using everyday materials.
  5. As a result you’ll carry less and be able to do more.

The training is delivered in English with Spanish translation if required.

For further information contact:


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“The HANDCOP is being adopted by select agencies worldwide and for good reason…if applied correctly you are proper fcuked!”

– Karl, Restraint Escape Consultant and Trainer, OscarDelta FC

GULAG SHIM – The ONLY Handcuff Shim You Need…

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Unlike standard handcuff shims the Gulag Shim is hand forged and not mass produced. First the metal is heated and then shaped by hand using basic tools. Each shim is then tested on a variety of handcuffs and further adjustments are made if required before the handle is finished with a cord wrap.
Although primarily designed for shimming Russian handcuffs it will out perform all other mass produced handcuff shims. It’s by no means pretty but its beauty is the way it operates – smooth, efficient and silent.

The length and width allows for this shim to operate handcuffs with a slim body (single pawl) whilst also working on handcuffs with 3 independent pawls. The thickness allows for it to work on handcuffs with a tight tolerance that would normally offer resistance to shimming. It is also possible in these circumstances to use the Gulag Shim to ‘back shim’ going in between the two cheek plates. This is an advanced method shimming takes practice (push in ratchet arm slightly whilst shimming).

If you struggle with shimming handcuffs when restrained to the rear – this is the solution!


Running Low…

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“Stock check completed today and some nylon products are running very low…SERE Black Ops Belt v3.0r x 3, Black SSB2 x 4, SSB2 Multicam Black x 1, SSB2 Multicam x 1, Covert Ankle Wallet x 2, Covert Pants Pouch x 5, DT-FFP (Disruptive Thinker False Flag Patch) and Wolf Grey SSB2 in good supply at the moment. These products are only sold via the OscarDelta website. Due to training & consultancy commitments it is unlikely that a restock will happen before November. All other products will be available” – OscarDelta SPD


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Advanced Personal Escape Kit / Technora Escape Necklace.

Pull open the breakaway cord connector and locate the tungsten carbide striker bead concealed inside ‘female’ connector. Wrap one end of cord around hand and swing striker bead towards glass.

Demo shows glass bottle – this bead will break tempered glass (side/rear) vehicle windows. Front windows are lamenated and therefore will only crack and not shatter. Cord can be used as friction saw to cut through seat-belts.

Demo @